About Essel Propack


EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel Propack Limited), is the largest specialty packaging global company, manufacturing laminated plastic tubes catering to the FMCG and Pharma space. Employing over 3000+ people representing 25 different nationalities, EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel Propack Limited), functions through 20 state of the art facilities and in Ten countries, selling circa 8 billion tubes and continuing to grow every year.

EPL Limited (formerly known as Essel Propack Limited), is the world’s largest manufacturer of laminated plastic tubes with units operating across countries such as USA, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Russia, China, Philippines and India. These facilities cater to diverse categories that include brands in Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma & Health, Food, Oral and Home, offering customized solutions through continuously pioneering first-in-class innovations in materials, technology and processes.


Our brand vision reflects our desire to ‘shift gears’ to a new way of growth.

One that builds on our strengths even as we help shape the future of packaging.

Our vision is summarized in an evocative and inspiring Brand idea – ‘Leading the Pack’.

To be an extraordinary company, global leader and pioneer in sustainable packaging solutions for the world.


Market leading revenue growth. Capital efficient, Consistent earnings growth.

Trusted Global Leader We are EPL, the global leader in laminated tubes packaging. With an exceptional growth momentum and enviable relationships (33% share of the global oral care market and nearly 20% of the larger spaces we participate in), we are poised to further strengthen our leadership & stature. Our journey over four decades has seen us scale many heights, winning the trust and hearts of the biggest companies in the world. We are admired for our entrepreneurial drive, loved for our customer-service, respected as long-term partners-in-progress and recognized for our absolute integrity. These matter even more to us than our sales and profits; for these are not just the foundations of our success in the past, these are also the bedrock of our ambitions for the future.


Our brand values are at our very core and serve as guiding lights as to what is important to us as a business and how we act. They serve to guide our approach when it comes to all things brand and business.

Disciplined Creativity
  • Agility and hunger for more
  • Cost-leadership
  • Creative pursuit of growth
Customer Leading
  • Fantastic customer orientation
  • Customer-perceived value
  • Segmented innovation focus
Remarkable Service
  • Deliver remarkable (wow) service
  • Create fresh experiences
  • Cement employee loyalty
Commerce with Care
  • Leadership on sustainability
  • Sustainable community practices
  • Respect begets respect

Leading The Pack

Leading the Pack is about boldly leading from the front, challenging conventions and creating innovative solutions that will help our customers win big. That will set new benchmarks. That will take us beyond being preferred suppliers of extraordinary packaging, to being ‘Imagineers’ of the future of packaging.

With creativity, confidence and co-creation. We will need to:

  • Lead on Quality – Shift the goalpost from Six-Sigma Quality to Zero-Defect Quality
  • Lead on Green – Accelerate the movement to sustainable packaging through pragmatic solutions
  • Lead on Flexibility – Pioneer new possibilities on customization and personalization
  • Lead on Experience – Drive fresh standards on customer service based on segmented specialization


EPL is the first company that introduced laminated tubes to India and has witnessed exponential growth since it was started over 30 years ago. Having adopted a specialized approach towards creating packaging solutions for a diversity of industry segments, the company has earned respect and credibility across the globe. EPL caters to some of the most respected names in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and healthcare segments.

  • EPL Limited Founded (Formerly known as Essel Propack Limited)
  • Manufacturing facility built in India for the production of laminates and laminated tubes.
  • First step towards becoming a global player with the setting up of an overseas plant in Egypt.
  • Opening of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, China.
  • Setting up a joint venture in Dresden, Germany.
  • Acquiring of Propack, a worldwide laminated tube business.
  • Entry into the United States with the setting up of a greenfield facility for laminated tubes in Danville.
  • Acquiring of Arista Tubes, UK – a leading manufacturer of seamless plastic tubes, renaming the company EPL, UK.
  • • Commercial operations begin in Russia.
    • Acquiring of the laminated tubes manufacturing company, Telcon Packaging in UK.
    • Setting up of a manufacturing facility in Nalagarh, India.
  • • With the acquisition of Tacpro Inc., USA and Avalon Medical Services, Singapore, both manufacturers of catheters and balloons, EPL enters the Medical Devices business.
    • EPL sets up a co-extruded plastic tubes plant in Poland under the banner of Arista Tubes, UK.
    • EPL acquires Packaging India, one of the largest manufacturers of specialty packaging materials in India.
    • Commercial production of co-extruded plastic tubes begins in Danville, Virginia, USA, through the facilities at Arista Tubes Inc.
  • • Large-scale production of co-extruded plastic tubes begins in Poland under the brand name of Arista Tubes.
    • The second manufacturing plant of Packaging India Pvt. Ltd., located in Uttaranchal, begins commercial production of Specialty Packaging.
  • • Opening of EPL’s new manufacturing plant at Suzhou, China.
    • Starts in-plant operation in Sanand, India in Customer Facility.
  • Starts a new greenfield plant in Tianjin city, North East China, located within customer premises.
  • Opening of Essel’s 25th manufacturing plant at Suzhou, China. Starts in-plant operation in Sanand, India and in CP facility.
  • EPL Open’s New World Class Facility at Vapi,India..
  • EPL starts commercial production at a new unit in Assam, making it a strategic site for our customers in the North East of India.
  • Essel Propack Limited changes name and Rebrands to EPL Limited.logo


EPL manufactures laminated plastic tubes and specialty packaging in its 25 state-of-the-art facilities located across 12 countries. With the effective implementation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HMP (Harmonized Manufacturing Policy), EPL attains the best industry efficiencies at all its manufacturing units.

The Analytical Labs at the Creativity & Innovation centers house technologically advanced instruments that are used in identifying and mapping polymers and polymer compounds and also to track impurities. These facilities are well-equipped with a complete range of instrumentation systems measuring the mechanical properties of tubes and tube laminates.

EPL has developed sophisticated laboratories, which assist in all inspections by simulating and measuring barrier properties of film, laminate and finished tubes. The laboratories are also capable of simulating various measures of temperature and relative humidity, to gauge their influence on the barrier properties of tubes.

Our research centers consist of technologically advanced environmental chambers at the Sensory & Microbiology Lab to re-create real life test conditions. These high-tech machines also possess an inbuilt artificial Sun and Flooding System. The facilities assist the team in developing products of various styles, shapes, sizes and dimensions based on customer requirements.