Caps & Closures

Caps & Closures

EPL manufactures special caps and closures for products other than tubes, such as closures for hair care and personal care product bottles. Our unique innovations have added a great amount of ease to the delivery of products. The company provides comprehensive one-stop solutions right from concept development and product design to the final product assembly.

In-House Injection Molding

EPL’s in-house injection molding facility supplies high quality closures and provides an enhanced supply chain providing speed to market. By being a market driven company we will create value for our customers through operational excellence and innovation with closures. Our ability to expand globally with our customers by leveraging our existing infrastructure and personnel is significant in the global market.

Caps & Closures Manufacturers

Rapid Prototyping & Custom Closures

EPL uses rapid prototyping (SLS) technology to provide a replica of an actual closure before it starts production on a large scale. The ability to differentiate packaging in the marketplace is vital, and therefore rapid prototyping is the perfect option to test new markets and offer customers innovative closure options before actual production.

Enhancing Capabilities

Additional capabilities include orientation of closures, snap-on closures, tamper-evident shrink sleeve bands and specialty decoration such as metallic over shells. To continuously bring innovation EPL welcomes the challenge of new ideas and concepts for closures.

Caps & Closures Manufacturers

Artwork, Printing & Decoration

Our in-house graphics department works closely with the product development team and the expertise involves colour matches to sourcing separation requirements and from file handling to printing. Across different regions we offer customized printing solutions up to 10 colours and additional gloss or matte varnish, halftone/process printing and high-speed, roll-to-roll printing.

High-end Decoration

Our state-of-the-art Flexo press provides the highest quality output. The 10 colour printing capabilities include 6 colour Flexo, 1 hot stamping, up to 5 silkscreen and 1 varnish, with interchangeable stations to achieve the most difficult artwork. High-end decorations services are additionally supported by:

  • State-of-art Ink Kitchen with colour matching, mixing and testing capabilities
  • Quality Control Lab with Spectrophotometer and other testing features
  • Digital offline proofing system to establish repeatability standards