Plastic Laminated Tubes


Our Creativity and Innovation team works tirelessly to pave the way towards future applications, energy-efficient processes and sustainable packaging. Our research in material sciences has helped arrive upon viable solutions to path-breaking ideas through the creation of new structures and advanced finishes.

We take pride in our ability to continually innovate new types of packaging solutions and welcome new design challenges. Some of EPL’s new patented innovations include: Egnite, Green Maple Leaf, Etain and Titanium. Our research and development efforts continue to win accolades in several forums and among customers across the globe.

EPL’s IP Team is completely committed to meticulously protecting and defending our enormous intellectual property assets. In the financial year 2013-14, 25 innovation patents were applied/granted globally. We value our relationships strongly. As a result, our exhaustive and yet transparent legal policy has been founded upon mutual trust and healthy competition in the marketplace.

Tube Packaging Solutions