Essel Product Development

At EPL, we engage with our customers, right from the concept to the design, manufacturing and commercialization. We get involved with our customers, engaging with key representatives to conceptualize path-breaking ideas and execute viable solutions, providing suggestions to improve materials, dispensing mechanisms and laminate choice.

Our Creativity and Innovation teams do the basic research and studies in areas such as barrier science, product resistivity, product migration, sealability and regulatory compliance. Our Product Development teams then take this research forward, interacting with customers to provide appropriate solutions on different aspects of the product like structure finalization, colour, shoulder and cap type and decoration possibilities. Based on approvals, we then develop mock-up samples and undergo stability studies with ingredient materials.


EPL’s innovation and product development teams continuously work to make customized novelty products for various applications. These applications may be specialized and broadly fall under five chief product categories listed below with examples.

Beauty & Cosmetics: UV protected fairness cream, Conditioners, Shampoo and Hair Colourant.

Pharma & Health: Pain Balms with higher composition of methyl salicylate and Ophthalmic Products.

Food: Mayonnaise, Cheese Spread, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Sauce, Jams, Pastes, Wasabi and Honey.

Home: Pest Control Products, Multipurpose Grease, Shoe Wax.

Oral: Oral hygiene products with aggressive, highly alkaline and acidic formulations.