Laminated Tube Manufacturing Technology


EPL’s Technology Network is spread across 12 countries, developing innovative products for a global clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies. With an expertise in science and technology spanning over three decades, we are committed to delivering high-quality, value-added products to our customers. We also conduct basic research programs with various national and international strategic partners covering new science and technology.

We cater to the dynamic requirements of our customers and have always offered packaging with superior barrier properties, visual appeal, convenience and dispensability. Our services go beyond the identification of new products, applications and business categories. We strongly emphasize a constant endeavour to improve existing technologies, products and processes. Our Creativity & Innovation initiative provides our employees with a platform to shape saleable products from winning ideas. Headed by a Global Director, the team consists of highly qualified and experienced scientists and technologists who create an intellectually stimulating environment, conducive to ideation.

In addition to our presence in India, we have successfully extended our sustainable footprint to countries like Egypt, China, Germany, Poland, Colombia, Philippines, Mexico, USA, UK and Russia, manufacturing laminated tubes, mini-tubes, seamless plastic tubes and caps & closures.

Technology Network in Tubing