Corporate Social Responsibility


At EPL, we believe that “to succeed, requires the highest standards of corporate behavior towards employees, customers, society and the world in which we live”. This philosophy is deeply embedded in our commitment to all our stakeholders, delivering sustainable and profitable growth.


Our goal is to be a responsible employer, valued partner, good neighbour and respected corporate citizen. Our policy is to conduct all our business operations according to best industry standards and always behave in a socially responsible manner. We aim to conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity in the communities where we work, respecting all diversities of people regardless of sex, colour, race or background. We meet our responsibilities by complying with relevant legislation, applying appropriate international standards and establishing management & value systems throughout EPL.


At EPL, we aim to conduct our business along best industry standards in a manner that is safe, environmentally acceptable and sensitive to the needs and concerns of local communities. The key principles that guide EPL are:

  • We respect the countries in which we operate
  • We support and contribute to the communities where we work
  • We look after and care for the environment around our operations
  • We empower and support our people to take individual responsibility
  • We value and foster positive relationships with all employees and stakeholders
  • We are transparent in our activities

The objective of EPL’s overall policy, with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility, is to provide a reference point to guide stakeholders on the elements that drive the way we conduct our business and relationships with the world in which we operate.

To succeed, requires the highest standards of corporate behavior towards employees, customers, society and the world in which we live.


As an established member of the international business community, EPL recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments in all its various roles as employer, customer, vendor and citizen. The following statement provides stakeholders with an understanding of our larger commitments, grouped into a family of eight Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

1. Standards of Business Conduct

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted, in all respects, according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

2. Customers

Our business and livelihood depend upon our customers. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact we make with our customers and with the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency, honesty and integrity. We constantly strive to provide high quality products and services at good value for money.

3. Human rights

We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seek to be guided by its provisions in the way we conduct our business.

4. Workforce

We are guided by our aim to deliver a competitive and fair work environment and to provide the opportunity to develop and advance, subject to individual performance and business opportunity. Thus, we strive to be the employer of choice in all countries in which we operate.

5. Health and safety

We are committed to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for all intended purposes, ensuring that health & safety issues are paramount for all business operations.

6. Suppliers

We regard our suppliers as our valued partners and work with them closely to help us achieve our policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services. Specifically, EPL is committed to working with suppliers of products and services to ensure that the welfare of workers and labour conditions within our supply chain meet or exceed recognized standards.

7. Community

We strive to be a good corporate citizen around the world, recognizing our responsibility to work in partnership with the communities in which we operate. We support appropriate non-political and non-sectarian projects, organizations and charities.

8. Environment

We are committed to a program of management, continuous improvement and reporting of our direct and indirect impacts, which marks our contribution to improving the world in which we live.

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The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy applies throughout EPL worldwide, to all Directors and employees and governs our approach to all our activities.

Underlying philosophy

EPL believes that a responsible approach towards developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve, global or local, is a vital part of delivering business success. How we interact with the world in which we operate determines our place within it. This statement of Corporate Social Responsibility represents our first step towards defining our views and will be developed further over time.

Corporate Prinicples and Practice


EPL is committed towards demonstrating responsibility in its relationship with the world. All business units will allocate responsibility for making sure that the principles in this statement are disseminated, discussed, implemented and embedded into group culture, ensuring to provide regular and timely feedback on progress.


The Vice Chairman and the Managing Director are the main board directors with primary responsibility of CSR. Stakeholders, particularly employees, are invited to provide feedback on the nature and operation of the Corporate Social Responsibility statement. Each of the eight policy commitments are owned by individual managers, all of whom will monitor performance on a regular basis. Director – Human Capital (Global), supported by Company Secretary & Head (Legal), is responsible for co-coordinating operation of the policy and reporting on it to the Vice Chairman & Managing Director and to the Board of Directors. The business unit / manufacturing unit heads will
establish appropriate responsibilities within their units and review progress at least annually.

We recognize that our business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which we operate. We endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner, believing that sound and demonstrable performance in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices is a fundamental part of business success.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our Corporate Social Responsibility program and encourage our business partners to strive for matching performance.

Our business units throughout the world are committed to achieving our policy objectives. Our performance will be periodically reviewed and externally verified to help us meet our policy goals. At a local level, the heads of our businesses will review progress at least annually.