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Sustainable Products

AT EPL, we know that sustainability will dictate our very right to operate, and are committed to leading the pack in sustainable packaging. We will pioneer solutions in this area, and in doing so, help our customers meet their sustainability commitments as well.

We are already ahead on this journey. Our Platina Tube with an HDPE closure was recently recognized by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) as the world’s first fully sustainable and completely recyclable tube with a cap combination.

EPL Europe also recently received the coveted ETMA “Tube of the Year” Award for our completely recyclable tubes for vegan toothpaste.

The recent launch of ‘Etain’, a plastic packaging tube made out of recyclable material is a significant development in the industry aimed at reducing the number of plastics in tube packaging.

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People Sustainability

Protection of Human Rights:

At EPL Limited, high regard and respect for human rights are top priorities. We understand our responsibility to respect human rights and strictly adhere to it throughout our value chain.

We ensure human rights are respected in our operations as well as in our supply chain. EPL collaborates with global organizations as a participant to strengthen our commitment to Business and Human Rights such as United Nations Global Compact, world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative.

As part of continued and concerted efforts, EPL has also undertaken implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all".

No Child Labour:

EPL’s global policy on ‘No Child Labour' is based on the Company's commitment to find practical, meaningful and culturally appropriate responses to support the elimination of such labour practices.

EPL Limited:

  • Does not employ any person below the age of eighteen years at the workplace
  • Prohibits the use of child labour in all its units
  • Adopts strict compliance with all relevant local and international laws and standards in respect to ‘No Child Labour’ policy

Diversity & Inclusion, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment:

At EPL, we are committed to provide a safe and harmonious working environment based on the principles of just and fair treatment, Diversity & Inclusion, Equal Opportunities amongst our internal and external stakeholders.

We are committed to provide a work environment free of discrimination, including any form of harassment. The Company prohibits harassment, including any verbal or physical harassment directed toward an employee’s race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status or disability.

Career Management:

EPL strives for enhancing skills of employees across all levels and promotes growth of individual employees. EPL strongly believes in grooming internal talent and providing opportunities to them through systematic individual development, implementation of career, learning and development plans.

Elaborate Technical Trainings and skill development program are implemented to focus on the development of the Process Engineers working on the shop floor.

We believe in utmost transparency and accordingly in case of any queries, the employees directly contact their respective Human Capital Representative.

Beyond Products

Our view on sustainability extends beyond products to also cover environmental, health, safety, and social responsibilities.

We launched Project Liberty, a path-breaking project to recycle multilayer laminates. Aluminium Barrier Laminate (ABL) tubes have traditionally posed challenges in recycling, and we have worked relentlessly for over 4 years to develop a solution that segregates the aluminium components from polymer fraction. Using proprietary technology, we separate the aluminium and polymers into two distinct and reusable streams, without the use of any chemicals or heat. Once separated, both the Aluminium and Polymer fractions recovered from ABL tubes can be recycled safely.

Going forward, we will focus on integrating climate-related risks in our operations, fully integrating sustainability in every link of our supply chain. We subject ourselves to rigorous assessments of our operations and install robust systems and processes to minimize any adverse environmental impact.


Greening Lives (CSR)

We are undertaking focused CSR initiatives centered around our factories under the umbrella of our CSR program, “Greening Lives”. Given our global footprint, we empower our employees to determine the focus of such CSR activities, in line with social priorities in different locations.

For example, factories operating in India are reaching out to the communities around them to green lives along with two critical areas – holistic waste management and skilling of youth. Both these issues are crucial in rural India, and have been chosen after considerable research. A series of programs have been kickstarted.


The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy applies throughout EPL worldwide, to all Directors and employees and governs our approach to all our activities.

Underlying Philosophy

EPL believes that a responsible approach towards developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve, global or local, is a vital part of delivering business success. How we interact with the world in which we operate determines our place within it. This statement of Corporate Social Responsibility represents our first step towards defining our views and will be developed further over time.

Corporate Principles And Practice

EPL is committed towards demonstrating responsibility in its relationship with the world. All business units will allocate responsibility for making sure that the principles in this statement are disseminated, discussed, implemented and embedded into group culture, ensuring to provide regular and timely feedback on progress.


The Vice Chairman and the Managing Director are the main board directors with primary responsibility of CSR. Stakeholders, particularly employees, are invited to provide feedback on the nature and operation of the Corporate Social Responsibility statement. Each of the eight policy commitments are owned by individual managers, all of whom will monitor performance on a regular basis. Director – Human Capital (Global), supported by Company Secretary & Head (Legal), is responsible for co-coordinating operation of the policy and reporting on it to the Vice Chairman & Managing Director and to the Board of Directors. The business unit / manufacturing unit heads will establish appropriate responsibilities within their units and review progress at least annually.

We recognize that our business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the societies in which we operate. We endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner, believing that sound and demonstrable performance in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices is a fundamental part of business success.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our Corporate Social Responsibility program and encourage our business partners to strive for matching performance.

Our business units throughout the world are committed to achieving our policy objectives. Our performance will be periodically reviewed and externally verified to help us meet our policy goals. At a local level, the heads of our businesses will review progress at least annually.

Our people are critical to our sustainability agenda. We rely on their commitment, skills, and knowledge to execute our strategy. We will collectively create a better, more sustainable world around us.

Supplier Sustainability Code of Conduct

In alignment with ongoing EPL’s sustainability journey, EPL has developed ‘Supplier Sustainability Code of Conduct’ to ensure that all its suppliers meet basic expectations of doing business ensuring compliance to legal requirements, ethical practices, human rights and environmental management. It is based on well-respected and recognized international standards, including the International Labour Organization, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and industry best practices.

Compliance with the code of conduct is an expectation of doing business with EPL. It defines minimum standards that EPL expects the suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers or sub-contractors (“the Supplier”) to respect and adhere to.

Global Policy on Human Rights


Global Policy on Child Labour Remediation


EPL No Forced Labour Policy




Supplier Sustainability Code of Conduct


Sustainability Compliances


Sustainability Procurement Policy


Management Commitment and Principles of Sustainable Procurement












Harmonized Manufacturing Policy (HMP)



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