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Product Innovation

We engage with our customers across the entire cycle from concept to commercialization, co-creating ideas, consulting on product & process, and hand-holding right through to the delivery of viable solutions.

Our Innovation teams lead research in areas such as barrier science, product resistivity, product migration, sealability, and regulatory compliance. Our Product Development teams then take this research forward, interacting with customers to provide appropriate solutions like structure finalization, colour, shoulder and cap type, and decoration possibilities. Based on approvals, we then develop mock-up samples and undertake stability studies with ingredient materials.

Build Innovative Products With Us

Concept To Tube

Conceptualizing the idea

Engaging with the customer

Consider plausible options

Work out viable solutions

Customized Prototype development

Stability studies with the product

Collaborating on the final look, feel and functionality

Sourcing the finest raw materials

Production of extraordinary tubes

At EPL, a large percentage of our revenues come from smaller players who do not have the technological reach and resources of a large multinational corporation. These customers, however, are just as keen to compete with extraordinary agility in their respective markets. EPL is the go-to partner for many such players globally, who rely on us end-to-end to make their branded dreams a reality.

Our upstream investments like EACT (Electronic Artwork Collaboration Tool) ensure that we are able to work with smaller clients quickly and digitally. Such productivity tools enable great precision, brilliant decoration, and quicker decision-making. We are also able to help smaller clients with advisory services, and where warranted, turnkey projects to get them going.


We believe in the old Japanese saying, “None of us is as smart as all of us”. And so, EPL partners with key clients to ensure that they can realize their product & packaging dreams quickly and effectively. Our teams work closely with client teams to define, design, develop, and deploy new ideas, so their brands can be first to the market where it matters more. Our recent development of organic laminates in the USA, our controlled dosage caps developed for cosmetics suppliers in Asia, and our henna tubes for South Asia are some examples of this. We look forward to partnering with more and more players to create packaging magic for them.

We have a simple, yet effective collaboration process as outlined below. This has proven effective in co-creating successful innovation for some of our most valuable clients.


01. Conceptual Discussion

    • Customers product – type and packaging needs – possibilities
    • Suitability of Tube for the same – (esp for Conversions )
    • Indicative Volumes – / Growth Prospects etc

02. Product Discussion

    • Tube Type – Lami / CoEx – Laminate Type / Dispensers
    • Suitability of Product with tube / Any alternate pack type / supplier

03. Customer Interest Confirmed

    • Price offers and preliminary acceptance
    • Go Ahead for the Project in mail or indicative (Formal Contract may or may not be given)

04. Product Testing Initiated

    • Sharing of samples by EPL
    • Storage Stability Studies initiated
    • Any other compliances required by customer are fulfilled parallelly (FSSAI / Audit related)

05. Technical Product Approval

    • Storage stability results carried out by the customer ( and then are passed /or failed)
    • When passed – Tube structure and Format is technically approved by customer
    • Tube is an allowed pack format

06. Aesthetic Approval

    • Artwork released by Customer
    • Proofing done – Online / Offline and shared with customer
    • Proof approved – hence print related approvals achieved

07. Commercial

    • Receipt of the formal Purchase order to EPL with agreed volume / price / delivery period / payment terms….etc

Process Innovation

EPL has been innovating its processes relentlessly for the last 4 decades, resulting in us being the most efficient packaging company globally. We have strong innovation programs in several areas

  • Moving more and more operations from 6-Sigma quality to Zero Defects quality
  • Driving technological upgrades to reduce costs
  • Co-developing machines with our suppliers
  • Enhancing flexibility through proactive investments in digital printing
  • Improving throughput with minimal wastage, including reuse of laminates
  • Innovating packaging materials to enhance sustainability through material reuse

We are committed to ensuring that we not just maintain, but build our cost & quality leadership in every market we operate in. This, we believe, is central to our success as a company.

Technology &

EPL has been a thought leader in technology & manufacturing right from its very inception four decades ago. Driven by long-term thinking, EPL has always invested in the latest technologies well before time, and ahead of our competitors. This has enabled us to always provide unparalleled value to our customers. We have partnered with the world’s best machine manufacturers, who in turn treat us as preferred customers.

Our forward-thinking has led to our installing more digital printers than anybody in the world. Our factories sport the latest 12 color printers made by Gallus, the epitome of precision and decoration. Our near-zero margin printing allows effortless printing on very small surfaces with negligible wastage.

Technology is a key to competitive advantage in our industry, and EPL spares no effort to ensure that we are leading the pack in this area.



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