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Leading the Pack

This idea guides everything we do. It is about boldly challenging conventions and creating innovative solutions, with creativity, confidence, and co-creation. About helping our customers and their brands win in ever newer ways, that will set new benchmarks. We see ourselves as proud 'imagineers' of the future of packaging, who seek to:

Lead In Quality by…
evangelizing Zero Defects

Lead In Innovation by creating
stunning packaging solutions

Lead In Green by pioneering
new standards in sustainability

Lead In Customization by designing
for unparalleled flexibility

Lead In Costs by continuously
updating technology

Lead In Experience by creating
unique service signatures

Leading the Pack is a daily reminder for us to be the change that we want to see around us. To inspire ourselves and everyone in our ecosystem, every day.

In Focus

What We Do

We create specialty packaging for the world’s leading FMCG companies. Our global expertise spans five large categories – Oral Care, Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Health, Food & Nutrition and Home Care. With deep relationships with almost all leading consumer brands in these categories globally, we are the world’s #1 specialty packaging company. Our portfolio of products comprises laminates, laminated tubes, extruded tubes, caps & closures and dispensing systems/applicators – everything your brand will need to make a mark with.

Product Categories

Product Segments

Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation is key to unlocking growth for us at EPL.

Our view of innovation spans the entire spectrum of activities, constantly exploring new ways to create new possibilities:

  • Front end consumer - Customization & personalization
  • Customer Facing- Breakthrough packaging solutions, sustainability, value co-creation
  • Value Chain- Discontinuous business models, co-investments
  • Cost & Value - Continuous value engineering, tech upgradations, digitization
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Sustainability is the single largest industry driver today

& will remain a crucial demand force over the next several years.

  • Sustainable packaging is not just the demand of customers everywhere, it is also increasingly being demanded by consumers everywhere in the world. It is therefore the #1 imperative for our industry as a whole.
  • EPL has consistently led the industry on sustainable packaging. In Platina, we offer the world’s only 100% recyclable laminate, and are working with brand leaders everywhere to drive its adoption. But our view on sustainability is not just limited to products, indeed it extends across the entire value chain. This 3600 approach allows us to consistently go well beyond the conventional 3Rs of sustainability, creating new benchmarks the world will be compelled to follow.
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Today’s millennials across the world want brands that not just offer great value and great aesthetics, but also a personalized experience that recognizes their uniqueness. EPL has world-class capabilities in customization and personalization powered by proactive investments in digital printing facilities across the world. That, combined with our design skills and our customer orientation, means that our customers can effortlessly customize their brands to engage their consumers, wherever they are. At EPL, we believe that this will be a major source of consumer delight, and hence we are investing well ahead of the curve to enable clients to create new pack-led brand conversations.

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