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Colours speak louder than words

Author – Shrihari K Rao
06 Apr, 2021

It is said that “colour is a power that directly affects the soul”. Colours profoundly affect our moods, appealing to us in subtle ways, informing our choices and reflecting our personalities.

At EPL, we create branded packs for best global brands, trust-marks that consumers value for their consistency and quality. The fidelity, replicability and registration of colours obviously play a crucial role in building this trust.

It is therefore natural that we obsess enormously about colours. This obsession starts with our choice of ink partners & flows through into automated ink dispensers in our state-of-the-art 12 colour printing presses. This helps us create remarkable decoration on packs, and we constantly innovate new ways to deliver colour excellence. For us, colour is an exact science.

Also, we believe that God is in the detail. So, we maintain colour accuracy fanatically (any variance over 2 Delta E is rejected automatically) and take extreme measures to prevent colour creep over time. We even obsess about thoroughly cleaning our equipment regularly, ensuring that we always deliver the right colours, with tolerance levels much smaller than the eye can perceive. All this means a total commitment to colours, even if it means paying more for plates, presses and training, and keeping everything in-house.

We passionately believe that colours speak louder than words and are determined to lead the pack on colour innovation. Life is about using the whole box of crayons we’re given, and we’re keen to use them all.


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