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Digital Printing - leading the way

Author – Shrihari K Rao
07 Apr, 2021

The world is going digital, and printing is no exception.

Digital printing is revolutionizing printing, overturning old assumptions and creating ever newer possibilities every day. And as categories get more and more competitive, digital printing promises unlimited opportunities for the bravest brands to imagine new ways to grow.

Digital printing offers many unprecedented benefits including speedy turnaround, superb colour accuracy with outstanding quality, greater flexibility in embellishments, and increased scope for customization and personalization. New digital technologies help enhance brand protection through UV inks, as well as ring in a host of eco-friendly sustainable ideas. Other advantages include the ability to print more versions within a product line, enabling shorter print runs and supporting the use of special effects

As world leaders in packaging, what excites us most is the enormous flexibility that digital printing is ushering in. We can now have millions of different designs in the same print run (each tube being different with VDP or variable data printing). There are practically no colour limitations even as products are printed to the very best offset/ flexo quality. We can now implement small print runs easily, even creating customized printing for packaging and displays.

Consumer engagement is the next frontier. We are beginning to see some extraordinary brands use packaging to excite their consumers the world over, driving purchase in the process. Coca Cola’s “share a Coke” campaign is an inspiring example, where personalization allowed the brand to endear itself to consumers worldwide, rekindling consumer excitement in the category once again..

Finally, digital printing is the new leveller, democratizing the world in new ways. It enables brands of all sizes (from large corporations to small-batch producers) to go to market quickly, engage consumers & provide compelling new experiences. Scale still matters, but imagination matters more.


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