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Greening the future of packaging

Author – Hariharan K Nair
08 Apr, 2021

The future is upon us. Packaging sustainability is not a ‘nice to have’ anymore. It is our very permission to play, our freedom in operate anywhere. Increasing pressure from consumers, customers and governments means that there is no turning the clock back on this.

Most of our clients have committed to stiff sustainability targets and have drawn clear road maps for achieving the same. These plans aim to achieve total recyclability, reduce plastic usage and eventually evaluate new ecofriendly packaging alternates to plastics.

Creating a circular economy, designed to simultaneously benefit businesses, society, and the environment is crucial. We need to reimagine entre value chains. Linear ‘take-make-waste’ models of the past are passe, and we need to design for regeneration, gradually decoupling growth from the consumption of finite resources.

As leaders in specialty packaging, EPL is at the forefront of this transition, “leading the pack” every step of the way. We have products that qualify under all the 3 Rs of sustainability. We are developing products that can closely match the barrier properties of Aluminum based laminates / tubes. Our fully recyclable Platina tubes have already been launched by major brands. In a challenging 2020, we set new records in delivering tubes offering various sustainability benefits.

We complete the circle by making tubes that are effectively using post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin. Today we are offering tubes with up to 50% PCR content. This significantly reduces the need for virgin resins. We are also working in incorporating post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin as an alternate to virgin resins. The day is not far when every tube made by EPL will have a fraction of PCR or PIR resin in it.

As a responsible company, it is our responsibility to take care of the environment and optimize on our resource usage considering the future generations to come. We are totally invested in the future; after all, that’s where we are going to lead the rest of our lives!


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